Where to enable nintendo Switch as target hardware

I was wondering where in ue 4.20 nintendo switch is enabled as a suported platform as since 4.16 I don’t see the icon anywhere in the project settings I was wandering where it moved to since acording to the release notes there have been new updates on the switch side

All console manufactures have development covered under NDA, because of that Epic can’t release console support to public. To get access to it first of all you need to be licensed developer for specific platform as well you need SDK for that platfrom, in case of Nintendo use this:


The form that usally was used to validate console licence and get access to console UE4 build is no longer where it was and i can’t find it, so i assume you do that wither by devloper programs or it is automatic now.

Since to get access to it requires some effort, it is recommanded to make game first without it and make it run on PC and once it goes to advance stage and oyu sure you can pop game out to public then get licence and make it run UE4. UE4 makes porting not much of a effort and primery requires only performance optimalization, if oyu need any consoel exclusive features that PC can’t emulate then devlop until you can’t move forward anymore without them.