Where to download VS2015??

Ok, so I´m a total noob when it comes to c++ and VS, almost never used it before and still got vs2013 installed.

I wanted to update to vs15 since apparently it is only possible to build, cook and package a game when there is at least one dummy .cpp file in the project and I need vs to properly add that to my project.

However, I seem to be unable to find any download for VS2015. Everything always leads me to VS2017, which is not supported by UE4 as far as I know.

Where the hell does everyone get they VS from then? The only thing I could find was some subscription thing that promised to enable downloads of old VS versions, but that would not show me more details (cost etc.) without me signing up to it.

So my question is: “Where do I get VS2015 community edition from?”

Bleedin Microsoft, installed windows so I can make win binaries for ue4 (longtime linux user) - and it feels like Microsoft is actively working against me.
Took a while to find the download link, and it seems like it has been removed (could be wrong on this)

best bet is to find a 3rd-party link (like this one? ) and hope it still works.

Having said that, I think latest UE4 (4.15) supports vs2017? However - nvidia codeworks (and the android SDK) requires 2015 - so if you are not targeting android you may be OK with 2017

Unreal fully supports VS 2017 by now, been using it myself and haven’t encountered any problems either.

Thanks for the responses. I downloaded VS2017 and followed the documentation on setting it up to work with UE4. I still get some warnings that it “Can´t read line 0” of my cpp files when I create them and the VSUnreal stuff does not work in 4.15.1 but that should be fixed in 4.15.2.
Since I only need it so I can use dummy cpp files to build, cook and pack my BP-only project using plugins, thats good enought for now.

One more question btw.: I´ve read multiple times that there is a “VS Tool chain”. Is that the VSUnreal stuff (the dropdown menus for building and shipping) or is this something different that I am still missing?

Have you tried building for android?

No, I’m not doing any mobile stuff at all. It’s definitely working for desktop, but I can’t say anything about android.