Where to download Unreal Engine 3!?!??!

I’ve seen “Blah,blah,blah, only for developers who something udk3” . So I can’t get UDK3 ? I have 32bit OS, I don’t have money to upgrade my PC, to get it fully compatible for UDK4,but UDK3 Is perfect for my PC. My question is… So we poor lads can’t get money? Sounds totaly fair to me…
P.S.: Could I get license for commercial use even if I download UDK3 from some pirate or whatever site?

how are you supposed to download it from there

They aren’t supporting UDK anymore and have removed the download links

Whats your Hardware? Switching from 32bit to 64bit is Free, the Key works for both Versions.

I think you can still download UDK (UE3 pretty much) at this link in this forum. All UDK downloads - UDK Content Creation and Design - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m assuming this is all cool as it is on this forum.

His computer probably doesn’t support it.

Or he has a version of windows 7 which may not do that. (As the 32 and 64 bit were different.)