Where to control Undistort settings

I’m searching in each of the settings dialog boxes and export settings for where I’m to set Undistort parameters for cameras on export, not finding it. The Help features a page on Undistorted Images, says “the process of creating undistorted images for export is as follows…” the describes what the various settings controls for, but it fails to explicitly state where that dialogue lives. I inadvertently did this correct some while ago, have images that natively are sized 7952x5304, the export of the model w/ cameras produced 8057x5379 that are clearly have an undistort applied to them, this being critical to alignment using projectors in Mari for paint through. But now, my exports produce images for each the cameras with a raster matching the native pixel dimensions, the projectors are off in Mari. Thanks for brushing off some rust ;^)

Hmm, just found it, under Registration export dialog, Undistorted images plus imagelist, but now I’m unsure what settings would have produced the 8057x5379 rasters that seem to work well in Mari. I could test different settings, but any thoughts which settings would predict the expanded raster using the Undistort? Thanks!


Hi Benjy,

Resolution -> Fit should give you the same stretch.

Hi Wallace, thanks. I might have updated again, tried all four undistort settings to see that Inner Region in combination with Fit is the one. I then remembered reading a post, maybe Wishgranter, suggesting keep intrinsics, might have been for use in Maya. One thing I noticed and don’t understand, not critical, is why there’s a variation in pixel dimesions for each camera. I’m thinking the camera perspective, how converged it is relative to subject matter, might beg for a slightly different undistort as parts of the lens that introduce the distortions are exposed, but then I would have figured all these would be averaged for given lens or data set.