Where to buy Unreal Engine goodies?

Hi everyone,
I teach Unreal Engine and I would love, from time to time, to bring goodies and cool stuff to treat my students and kick off interesting contests in the classroom. I had a few UE4 pins once during a course, and they loved it. So my question is, how can I get more of them? Pins, t-shirts, whatever the house offers, the strangest the better. Searching on google there’s a link to an Epic merchandise store, but that look like it 404ed a long time ago. Anyone knows of any way to buy them?

You could try finding out who the Unreal Engine Evangelists are, in your area, and getting in contact with them. Where are you from? You’re a user group lead, too, so you could just try asking Amanda or Kalvothe for some swag. :slight_smile: Are you on the Discord channel for the meetup organisers?

I’m from Italy. The thing is, I first opened the user group and another guy also did very close to where I live, so we joined forces and going forward I had to leave everything in his hands because of lack of time (and because he’s better at doing it anyway). But even before that I didn’t want to use the swag pack content for my courses, since they are paid and that material is intended for open events. That’s why I was hoping I could buy those swag packs or the stuff that’s in it