where to begin?

So I’m a competent 3D artist and have used UE4 for over a year now and I have a good grasp of most of its artistic components and enough knowledge to go into some of technical elements and tweak sophisticated materials and blueprint’s to my own needs.

However I lack the basic understanding of the core elements of creating these thing from scratch. I can take a blueprint and maybe edit it to do something specific to my needs or watch a tutorial of blueprint that does mainly what I need it to do and make a mess of it to tailoring it to my needs.

Same goes with materials, I can do the basic stuff and even create some complicated master materials by borrowing from another material tutorials and merging them together.

Now what I’m trying to say is I can cobble together stuff but I lack the basics in coding to really advance my blueprints and it’s hard to create certain blueprints when I need to make them to do certain things that there are no tutorials for and same goes for materials, I lack the knowledge of doing complicated mathematical problem solving when it comes to making advance materials.

I really want to dive into this area more but I don’t know where to start, I know there are beginner tutorials on blueprints and advance material making but I feel there’s a part I’m missing before that like the logic, flow and problem solving when creating these things from scratch.

so my question is where’s best to start on learning this stuff?


As a fellow 3d artist, follow one or two tutorials, and then start making things from scratch.

So far with Blueprints I’ve made a flashlight that creates fake bounce lighting. A procedural building tool. A sun positioning tool based off time, data, latitude, longitude. And a lot of smaller things like switches, fans, etc.

There’s plenty of resources and documentation online to help if you get stuck, and obviously you’ll not be doing everything optimally your first time making something, but you’ll get better as you make more things.