where to begin with ARK and how?

Dear all,

I’ve had a look around and can’t find answers as to how to start with ARK. I thought this might provide some:

but it appears to be out of date – I too cannot find the ‘ARK tab!’ that is referred to here:

Before someone advises me how to install the ARK devkit and get modding, I need to know if it is indeed what I want. I have decades-old knowledge of the old q3radiant editor for Quake III Arena and some limited experience with Unity.

I’m looking for a game editor for OSX that allows me to create or mod a very simple FPS multiplayer as I wish to use it to teach university students about sound in virtual space particularly where that virtual space is inhabited by multiple players. Students (and me) need to be able to remove existing sounds and add/edit sounds in the level.

  1. Can I create multiplayer games for running on a local network (a la Q3A)? (I don’t want to have to mess around with external servers.)
  2. If ARK is not what I want, is there another multiplayer first-person demo game that I can mod and use?



The ARK dev kit would have to be installed on the computers of the other class members, and ports would have to be opened on the host to be able to have clients connect to the server.