Where these settings ?!

Hi …:rolleyes:
I read SIMULATING AREA LIGHTS IN UE4 tutorial, great tutorial explains how simulate area lights inside unreal engine 4 with spot lights and basic material, inside the tutorial he use lightmass settings to improve the quality of light building, here are the settings:

Static Mesh Lightmap resolution = 512
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces = 25
Indirect Lighting Quality = 8.0
Use Ambient Occlusion = True
Compress Lightmaps = False

The problem, I can’t find these settings?
Can someone help me, please :rolleyes:

Hi Mhmudfadel,

All of these settings with exception of Static Mesh Lightmap Resolution can be found in the Settings (toolbar) > World Settings panel.

If you scroll down in this panel that opens you will find the lightmass settings.

As for the Lightmap Resolution this can be set per instance if you select a static mesh in your scene and set the lightmap resolution override in the details panel or you can open the static mesh by double-clicking it and set the lightmap resolution in its editor.

I hope this helps.