Where the heck does this email address come from?

I just created an account here and it asked me to confirm my details. My email address was filled in for me and I was not able to change it but it is listed as “authenticated by” some place. When and how did my email address become

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Mine as well. What gives?

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I think it’s a bug, there’s no way to change it manually (I wasted some minutes looking for it)

It looks like an oauth token, did you log in with google/facebook or something else? I used my Epic account so it shouldn’t have happened

Ok guys, I think I “solved” the problem, that is not an email address, it’s the Epic ID, and for some reasons it’s displayed in the email field (with no-email.invalid as domain), you can check if yours match here in the “Account Info” section.

I don’t know if it’s a temporary issue or if is a wanted behaviour, I’ll open a ticket just to be sure they are aware of this

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