Where the best place to put the heavy work on? the level map or the player controller?

my game does not have a character it is like abuilding game and it has just a camera pawn.
I noticed that when I put all my heavy work on the player controller other actor’s map sizes become huge since the player controller reference almost every thing and most of actors needs the player controller and its variables as reference however when I decided to make anew empty player controller and do all the heavy work on the level map I noticed some drop in the performance. any help?

Neither of those is a terribly good idea. Doing most of your work in the player controller or the level Blueprint does not sound like good practice except for the simplest of games. What you probably should do is:

  • Split the work into different classes/assets and load only those that you need
  • Use soft object references to speed up load times
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would you pleas give me a link that explain what is soft object reference or some examples

Here you go: