Where should we post about getting help with creating RR mods?

I’m running into snags creating a custom weapon. I want to add a firemode switch, but I’m in need of some help from people with more experience deciphering proper projects.

I would think Robo Recall forum is the best place to post, but very question is called a Message, which makes me think I should post in Answer Hub. I posted there, and only 1 person has viewed the thread in 2 days.


By fire mode switch you mean where the gun has a switch to toggle between single shot and automatic mode?

Have you watched and followed along with tutorial all the way through?

gun_base has all the logic for the guns but triggers several events you can override in your custom gun blueprint.

so just guessing you’d probably want to

  • make a custom pistol mod
  • add an enum variable for FireMode (SingleShot, Automatic)
  • at point i think you want to intercept TriggerPressed and TriggerRelesaed and set a boolean “firing” (although there’s probably something like already in gun_base)

I may mess with it a bit and see if i can get something to work

So I tinkered with it a bit and it was simple enough that I created a short video showing how I did it. :slight_smile:

Hi tmek.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help out!

Yes, I did follow that tutorial all the way through. But, I mixed it up a bit by putting my own mesh in there.

Seeing the tutorial I was made aware gun_base has tons of overrides in it. I’ve never used overrides before though so I was on shaky ground to begin with.

Thanks a ton for whipping up a video for hooking up the firemode switch. I’ll check it out right now and post back!

Feel free to post on over at /forums/Forum-Robo-Recall-Mod-Development I will do my best to always help, as well as the rest of the team.