Where should I store score information?

I’m making a small “collectathon” type game prototype as an exercise to learn to use Unreal.
I have a few types of Items the player has to collect in order to complete each level. So, for exemple, one of the goals is to collect all gold coins in the level, and after completing all goals he can go to next level.
For now I’ve been storing the coin count in the character blueprint, but I realized it might not be the best way.
What is recommended for this type of thing?

Character is a fine place to store it, but if you want to be able to save your game progress, then the save game also needs to be involved:

So you can keep the info in the character, but need to copy to the save game on exiting ( load from save game on starting ).

Or you can just keep the info in the save game.

You can use the gameinstance blueprint to store all the information you want to be persistent across the levels.
As ClockworkOcean says, is good to save it in case you need to quit the game.

Thank you for the answer!

Thank you for the answer!