Where should I start?

I’ve searched Youtube for Unreal Engine C++ Tutorials but none are great for learning C++.
They expect you to hold their hand for everything and they don’t explain what each line of code does.
They just do everything expecting you know everything and just write code and expect you to copy.

I’m asking if anyone knows good tutorials and help to start with Unreal and C++.
Tutorials that explain each line of code and actually teach you how to code for yourself and not just copy.

I come from a Unity C# Background and I learned through Youtube tutorials. Some of the people
there explained the code. C# code is more self explanatory then C++ but I’m willing to learn.

If anyone has good ways to learn C++ and UnReal engine that teaches a-lot please free to contact me!

Thank You

Read the sticky post in this forum. Good links there.

I’ve heard good things about these:

No clue if they are actually good starting points though.

Thank you!

I did the following:

  • in the editor do New Project >> C++ >> Basic Code >> No Starter Content
  • then add the minimum custom features you need for a non-multiplayer game: Game, GameInstance, GameMode, PlayerController, Character, HUD
  • get your logging system going early and log Constructor() and BeginPlay() for every custom class you make. The log is extremely useful for learning the order everything happens.
  • after all that start making custom actors for your game

If you’re interested in learning the basics of C++ for Unreal Engine, I have a tutorial series on Udemy specifically for that. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll hook you up with a link. It’s called Learn C++ for Game Development in Unreal Engine