Where should i save my variables?

Hello Guys,
I have a question about my variables in my blueprints.
Basicly i want multiple variables for multiple players can be called in a different level.
In my first Level I want the players to choose some skills with available Skill Points in widget blueprint with buttons. that means, either they have a skill, or they dont have a skill. After the choosed their skills, the players fight against each other in a different level. I choosed to let them fight in a different level for a better performance. So they can choose, then the map loads, and they can fight. The player character will have different stats and abilitys based on the skills they choosed.

So the question is: Where do i have to locate these variables (mostly Booleans) so that the character that is in a different level can use them to set the game up?

Can you please provide some examples what kind of variables you want to store? There are several ways to do this and I’m not sure which one suits best so far.

thank you, the game instance worked suprisingly good.