Where should i put created content

I am wondering if i should open my project directory and put it in the correct folder or not, currently I have been just putting stuff on my desktop and dragging it into the content browser but i dont know if thats ok to do or not, it seems ok since i delete the files from my desktop and they are still there in UE4 even after restarting the editor, but im unsure, does anyone know if just dragging stuff from the desktop is fine or will it create problems down the road?

UE imports the file and creates a uasset from the source file, So you may be deleting your original import file.

You will have to look at your content folder to see if the files are copied there.


Edit: I keep my source(original) files outside in there own folder and I export/convert from those to an appropriate format for UE.

I recommend storing everything here:

c:\Users\Documents and Settings\my documents hisuser\appdata\local\roaming\Unreal Projects…

Microsoft eh?!! :stuck_out_tongue: … Seriously, I suggest sticking all UE4-projects & created assets in a nice short simple top-level folder like:


That way its easy to find everything and copy Content / Config between folders / projects so that assets show up.
You can opt to set-up symbolic links in order to have changes propagate between shared Content which is neat.
A key consideration is the specific OS you’re using… On Win7, UE4 seems to default to:

*C:\Users$ThisUser\Documents\Unreal Projects*

Although Win7-Explorer-Search shows this path as:

**C:\Users$ThisUser\My Documents\Unreal Projects\ **

WTF? File / folder path naming in Win8 / Win10??? Mint gets my vote when UE4 is ready for Linux!
UDK had a far simpler global-asset-database system which was always shared and fast for locating work…
Whereas UE4 opted for Unity’s model which is a PITA, along with all the disk-eating Launcher-bloat here:
…’…\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache’

awesome thanks!

A little offtopic…

What about when migrating content from other project? could I put it in a subfolder in Content? (so to keep things clean and organized if I import from different projects) or all goes under content?

Last time I checked moving assets into Content subfolders using explorer doesn’t work. However if you do the same from within the editor I think it will be ok. In UDK we used to edit INI’s to tell the engine where to look, so there’s probably that option too. But I’m staying clear of this for now, with all the engine changes it could lead to problems later!

That’s because you have to copy all the referenced assets and place them where each other asset expects them to be.


Sure, but what’s available to help tool-wise when stuff is moved about: Redirectors / FixupRedirects etc…???
UDK used to just scan folders and add UPK’s automatically which was a breeze…