Where should I get started with C++ programming in Unreal?

I know that there is already a forum post with some useful links to various C++ documentation, but I’m very new to the Unreal environment, and even with the useful links comes a maze of random tutorial after tutorial. Because of this, I’m very unsure of where I should actually start learning how to code C++ in Unreal Engine 4. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

How much do you know about coding? If you don’t know anything, then I’d suggest you start with blueprints to learn the basic stuff like what variables and functions are. If you already know something like C#, then I’d recommend you learn what pointers, .h and .cpp files, and what the different unreal macros are, and just try to convert something simple from C# to C++ from there.

First of all you need some experience with C++, after you will see how Unreal Engine work and how to develop with this amazing engine :slight_smile:

Some cool links here:
A nice overview : Unreal Engine 4 by Tom Looman | ZEEF
Unreal engine Programming guide : Programming with C++ | Unreal Engine Documentation
Google C++ Course : Introduction  |  C++ Education  |  Google Developers

You can also go to the “Learn” tab of the Unreal Engine launcher and download some project, to see how it work ! ShooterGame and StrategyGame have some interesting stuff.

I hope this help you ! :slight_smile:

Watching / reading tutorial after tutorial isn’t really that effective - at least for me. I tend to get bored and the information doesn’t really stick after a while.
I perefer to learn by doing. Just make sure that you always strive to improve what you’ve done. Because 99% of the time, there’s a more efficient way of solving a problem. Therefore - always try to review everything you code and prove to yourself that your solution is sound.

When it comes to learning the engine and how to code, try simply opening up one of the tutorial levels and alter the code to make the game behave differently. You’ll get a sense of how the different classes and actors interact with one another and how the subsystems work. Pretty much anything is possible in the engine, so any crazy idea you get is likely possible. And use Google whenever you don’t have a solution, because the solution exists.