Where should be placed project folders?

Where is the best place to put folders of my projects when using engine source build?

I was using 4.12.2 and had my project folders outside the engine directory (I added …/Projects to UE4Games.projectdirs) and everything was fine. Now I upgraded to 4.13.0, and running GenerateProjectFiles.bat it says

Project search path '../Projects' is not under root directory, ignoring.

So i guess projects should be placed inside the engine folder, maybe Engine/Source/Projects. However, since I use a different source control repository for each project, it seems to me unclean to put them inside the engine.

I am thinking about modifying UnrealBuildTool so that it behaves like before, but maybe something else expects to have projects inside the engine directory?


I ran into this same issue. Have you found a solution?

I always place my project outside of engine directory, and never use UE4Games.projectdirs since it’s not flexible, and write my own bat file to generate the project files:

@echo off

set UBT=YOUR_PATH_TO_ENGINE_SOURCE_DIRECTORY/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe

set THIS_DIR=%~dp0
FOR %%F IN (%THIS_DIR%*.uproject) DO (
 set PRJ_PATH=%%F
 goto FOUND
echo Can't find .uproject file

echo Generate solution file for %PRJ_PATH%]
"%UBT%"  -projectfiles -project="%PRJ_PATH%" -game -engine -progress -2015

Thanks, that’s a great help!

Thank you Nate, your .bat seems to work well. Moreover, with the .sln in the project folder it is now working “Goto Code Definition” from the editor, which was not when I had the .sln in the engine folder.