Where on earth do I start?

My apologies if this is a FAQ, but I only just got hold of ue4 a few days ago and have been spending nearly all my free time on youtube trying to get a handle on how to get started. BUT - my biggest issue is pretty simple, I like to dissect already created and freely provided projects as a way to learn how they are made and put together. This has worked well for me in the past with other topics like programming, but for ue4 I am just totally lost and confused.

When I open a project, either the default new empty one that kicks things off or one of the freebies provided in the launcher, all i see is a bunch of stuff in various folders and no idea where the start or end is. How can I trace through and follow a project structure, logic and intent and in what order? I can’t seem to see the sign posts that take me from the beginning to the end. Does everything start and end with a blueprint? Is that what I should be looking for/at in order to break down how it all fits together?

From the many videos on YT and from the Epic samples/examples/tutorials, I have a basic understanding of the UI for the editor and a basic understanding of the types of building blocks used to create a level, but beyond that I can’t seem to pick up the thread to actually grasp what’s going on.

Can anyone enlighten me or point me in direction that might help clear away the fog?

Many thanks in advance.

Hmm… well first would love to point out that the engine interface is extremely intuitive and friendly. (just for the record, for the people reading your post not get discouraged) However maybe you can’t follow a specific workflow as other “topics” because the game development process is a bunch of skills put together.

But let’s assume you just want to be a solo developer. Then you’ll need to be Guru Level Designer that understand the basics of everything. It will take quite a while.

However if your game is not some flappybird style all relying on GamePlay repetitive game, otherwise you’ll need content.

Content is created by people with specific skills. The knowledge inside the engine can only optimize the look and the behavior of that content, but you still need it.

What is your project plans? What kind of game it will be? What exactly you want to create? From type of game to type there’s a huge difference.
Here the job roles that would be good to know first.

However, the main workflow is different for every game, but… in the end you need a good game design document so you create an idea in your head and help other people join you later eventually. If you include Concept art that will be even better.

After that you either go for storytelling or gameplay mechanics documentation.

Once you finish the paper work and illustration, you’re trying to explain the idea and put some reference for the programmers and prop artists with the storytelling and the behavior in correlation with the level designer.

That’s the low budget way in my opinion to start something. If you really want to do it the right way, you need to fulfill a lot of more positions.

What exactly are you having trouble with or do you want to do? To start you need some kind of idea of what kind of game you want.

Usually i just think about what feature I want and then I’ll load up some youtube tutorials or documentation and work on adding that feature. What kind of game would you like to make?

hahhaa…u an i are in the same boat. Start with Textures. I am having so much fun with them its crazy. Maybe u wanna join me and we can learn together.

^ making friends is a great way to start too. =)