Where on earth do i begin? i need help

Okay so guys, I’ve been looking all over youtube and google before coming here. I am in desperate need of help with figuring out what am I to do next in unreal engine 4, I’ve looked at many beginner tutorials and still am confused on what to study and what to do next. I want to know exactly what I’m supposed to check out before I move into anything custom its like everywhere on youtube there are tutorials for making different amazing things in ue4 but I just want to know if there’s more to the beginner tutorials than what’s shown. I also see some tutorials go in depth more and have more to cover for beginners vs. others with few things like “UI, How to move things, panning around the viewport, or basic landscape”. is that really all in basics of UE4? could someone point me in the direction I need to go? if it helps I’m trying to learn Visuals, some blueprint, Level design, and Animation (if that’s not in the visual category).

The direction you need to go is pick a game type you want to make. Then break the workload up into sections planned over time.

But keep things simple… Singleplayer FPS or simple RPG or simple combat fighter (with or without split-screen multiplayer), are all very doable. But anything involving Advanced-AI or Multiplayer-Networking (RTS / MMO) are far harder. Ask yourself, can you make your game using Blueprints (assuming you don’t know C++ etc). Can you make MODULAR models for characters / buildings etc…