Where might I find this kind of animation

I’m having a bit of a dilemma finding animations desirable for a planned project. I’m trying to find animations to fit a Mortal Kombat style fighting game, oriented left-to-right like most beat-em-ups. I have no idea what the perspective is called but I’d love a source to get animation sets from that fit this genre.

I didn’t know where to ask or what to search for, so I came here.

Search on and :slight_smile:
Otherwise you could also use the default 3d animations (anim starter pack) to prototype your game -> just view them from teh side

3D animations can work at any perspective. Try out Mixamo, they have a whole bunch of combat animations although they may not be accepting customers during the adobe transition…

Thanks man. Also, community, I’m still up for more suggestions!

As far as I know, you’re able to grab 30 animations free per account on Mixamo.

I received an update email from them about the registration process today so I think it may be open for business again.