Where is UnrealObjectPtrTool conversion tool?

Hi. I follow this guide (Unreal Engine 5 Migration Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation) but can’t find this tool in my solution hierarchy. I’m trying to migrate project from early acces version to new official release. Any ideas?

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Find solution with migrating! Please, delete config folder and regenerate project files)

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  • The launcher version engine seems does not include UnrealObjectPtrTool.exe, at least in my case.
  • I could find and compile it from the source version of the engine.
  • But after running the tool, I can see only the message below, and does not change anything.

C:\Work\GitHubDesktop\UE5\Engine\Binaries\Win64>UnrealObjectPtrTool.exe C:/Users/MyName/AppData/Local/UnrealBuildTool/Log_UHT.txt -SCCCommand="p4 edit -c UPGRADE_CL {filenames}"
LogUnrealObjectPtrTool: Display: Upgraded successfully.  0 upgrades found; 0 upgrades performed

What am I missing?