Where is Unreal Studio?

I’ve been through the Epic install 2 times and have Unreal Engine 4.18.3.
In my library I see that my unreal studio beta subscription is activated and it shows the exporter for 3ds max ready to load.
When I hit the “Unreal Datasmith” -Install to engine button it tells me no engine installed.
On my new project tab I have sub tabs of -Blueprint and C++ but no studio tab.
I’ve followed all of the links I can back to the download pages and they link to the “EpicInstaller-10.3.1-enterprise.msi”
It’s probably right under my nose yet am not seeing it.


The Datasmith plugin only supports engine versions 4.19 and up. You’ll have to install a newer version for the plugin to be compatible. …I’d recommend UE 4.22, to ensure you get the latest features and improvements. (but be aware that 4.23 will release in a few weeks)