Where is ue 4.13.3?

I’m looking how to install version 4.13.3, because I have some problems with 4.13.2 (I don’t see anything when I do right click inside blue prints).

I have read that the fix was made on 4.13.3, but I don’t see where to install it. In the unreal launcher I just see the option for get 4.13.2.

There will not be a 4.13.3 at this point. Most likely the fix was incorporated into a later version. Could you forward where you saw a 4.13.3 exists so I can track down what version has fixed the bug? Also, not sure if you have reviewed the source code information on GitHub… you can review specific commits, etc. Get there: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine

Also, check out Issues at https://issues.unrealengine.com/ do a search for your bug and see what version has had the issue fixed. Try this first before GitHub!



For some reason I was not able to find them but the good news is that I fix the issue.

The combination of this 2 post fix my issue.

Basically putting -opengl ant the end of the Editor Shorcut and modifying the WindowsWindows.cpp file.