Where is the ThirdPersonCHaracter blueprint

Hello. Can you please help? I cant find the third person character blueprint in the content browser. Can you tell me from where i can bring it to my game please?

What format is your game? ( first person / third person )

i new to ue developing. i study from udemy blueprint course and the game is pac-man.
its empty level with the starter content and blueprint. how can i know where is the folder of thirdpersoncharacter?

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Anyway, in the content browser, top left, you’ll find this little arrow:

Click it, and you can scroll down to ThirdPersonBP. BUT make a copy into your normal content folder, don’t update this engine copy.


i dont have these folders

Those folders you have download from udemy…

no. i make new foders as the instructur ask

Well, those are the folders that come with your course, so you have to get them from your course somehow. They are not default UE folders.

no sir i dont download anything. i make them new empty folders. the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint is from the engine original. i just cant find it in the content browser. please help

I have helped. You have two issues:

  1. Third person BP in shown above ( the arrow in the content browser )

  2. If you can find the folder ArcadeClassic, you have to get it from Udemy


thank you :slight_smile: