Where is The Third Person Camera Node?

Its not in the Blueprint List and I’m using Ver 4.12.

Only the first Person Camera node is listed, but the Minimap I am trying to do needs a Third Person Camera Node.
Because its not showing up in the list even with the context off. I have to build the missing function.

But to do that I need to see the blueprint code for building the third person camera component and then add that
new function so I can have third person camera.

For 3rd person camera you add some (invisible in game) component that acts like rotation root for camera, that can be invisible mesh or arrow or scene component.
Then you place camera arm on it, then place camera on that arm.
And you have 3rd person camera that you can manipulate with a bit of code.
You can rotate and move root component to get different angles.
Then you can change camera fov and length of camera arm to get zoom etc.

These are the nodes that you should have in order for the cast to third camera to work…
This is from the tutorial minimap screenshot.

And here’s the mess I have because of missing these critical nodes to make the cast work so
if the nodes are missing its not going to work of course so the blueprint will
come up with errors…

So I can’t assemble the rest of the camera blueprint code as a result.

The Third Person Camera3p node is missing
A node called “target binthirdperson” is also missing its a big long red node.
A node called CAST TO BP BaseCHARACTER is also missing from my list in 4.12 I couldn’t find this node.

Because these nodes are missing I can’t tell cast to use the third person camera because the third person camera node
is missing from the list. I can’t use Cast to BP Base Character node because that node is also missing from my list
and can only use Cast to First PersonCharacter instead because THAT"S THE ONLY NODE THAT’S SHOWING UP IN THE LIST
that’s available to cast…

This is the problems you run into when using an engine version later than the one the tutorial was done on. I think that
tutorial was done on ver 4.9 or maybe 4.8 I’m using 4.12. so there are missing node functions from the list.

So because these critical nodes are missing and only the First person camera node shows up in the list and not
third camera, I cannot assemble the third camera
components that the minimap needs because of CERTAIN MISSING nodes.

I dont think you understand how this is working.

There is no third person camera, or first person camera, only camera.

You have a reference to a camera which has been given the name “First person camera”, but it is still just a regular camera.

Missing References? Are you saying he just chucked in another normal camera node and just renamed it to camera3p? I dragged in a normal camera node according to your logic and tried to rename it to camera3 only to get “cannot rename the variable inherited from the parent.” great…we’ll just call it the camera node then.

Now I need the Long Red Node that has got a BLUE target pin on the left end of it… It looks like this.

This node is needed for the branch check condition to work… But I don’t know where that node is in the list
is so I can drag the node out and then rename it.

But there’s more problems cropping up the more I try to do this tutorial… CAST cannot find the nodes called
“Cast To BP_Basecharacter”

Sounds like a blueprint that its looking for, well I don’t have that particular blueprint “called BP_Basecharacter” so its not going to show up in the cast list if that Blueprint is not there then that node is not going to be available.

And also the Greenish node called Cast to BP_Player Controller with the pincalled ASBP_Player Controller is also missing from the list.

This is not good at all… because I do not know how to restore back those missing nodes and rename them so I can use them.

If these blueprints are missing from the engine content folders in 4.12, this will be why I can’t find these casts…

Watch this tutorial again (or maybe some very beginner one), you need to learn how to reference stuff.
Video tutorials have one problem, if you blink and in this time author connects something without saying what he/she is doing (and its easy to not tell every single basic step) you just can miss very important detail.

Epic WRITTEN tutorials cover those basics very well, follow some most basic stuff, repeat every step and also understand what it is going on.
Written tutorials are much better to learn from at very beginning when you do not have idea what is going on.
YT is great later on when you havs some idea about what to do, but you just want to see how to do it instead of discovering it yourself.

When i was learning blueprints hardest part was finding out all those strange methods to get nodes or pull wires from, it is kind of like learning to write for first time.

Ps. on the right panel (same as list of variables), you can add palette list, it has list of all blueprint nodes unlike right click context menu that has only nodes it thinks you need.

Spring arm (to function as a sort of camera boom) with a camera parented to it.


If you play around with that (and have the camera target the player), I think you’ll figure it all out pretty quickly.

Although I got some things going right, I still got a ton of problems.

Matinee: Unable to attach the matinee player to the custom Matinee Actor that I created. Its not showing up in the blueprint list. Unable to get Fade in to work with Matinee.

The Weapons lines Trace system is all working except for one thing, its shooting but not killing or destroying or decreasing the health of the enemies. Because the logic has not been built in the widget blueprint because I don’t know how to write the logic for it
so because I don’t know how to do all the maths for the logic I’m stuck with a weapons trace gun that can’t destroy or damage any enemies.

The only way I can decrease the widget health bar is by tapping the F key except that’s no good to me either because its decreasing the health bar when I’m not even near the enemies.

I can’t create a Credit Score counter in the hud, after picking up credits. Again I don’t know the blueprint logic for building this function in the hud to keep track of the number of credits that are being collected up.

Can someone show me how to create a simple credit counter? I need help because I was never strong at maths which is why I can’t
build up the logic code functions.

I also cannot create a droid remaining counter in the hud to decrease down the number of droids remaining because I don’t know how to build that math function in the hud so when the line trace hits them the droid health decreases until it gets destroyed, and the droid remaining counter will also decrease as as well as they get destroyed, because at the moment the weapons line trace system can’t destroy any enemies.

At the moment, I got the health draining
the enemy health bar by tapping the F key when you get near the enemy because I couldn’t get the trace system to do it for me in the hud.because all I want to do I check the widget health bar, if 0 destroy the enemy and then decrease the Droid remaining counter.

So I got a weapons trace gun system all working but not able to damage or destroy any enemies because of the missing maths in the code.

The Health bar widget is set to 100. The enemies (603) of them are SPAWNED in the map periodically by a couple of spawners
in the level.

So the weapons trace system has to tell the spawner to decrease the widget health bar when enemy is hit by the trace. I don’t know how to code this in the widget Blueprint so I’m stuck…If you don’t know the maths to build the logic then you cannot build the function.

The other thing I want to do, is when I collect up a credit in the game, that it adds the credit value to a simple tally score counter in the hud
called Credits: The credit being collected up will be assigned a random interger between 50-200 to determine its worth.

Yet I can’t even build this maths function, yet I can explain the functions I want, I just don’t know how to actually build it with the nodes…

What I want to get done only requires a few simple blueprint nodes to do it.

But because I was never good at doing maths, is why I having alot of major problems in trying to build all the maths functions needed
for my game.

So I need someone here to explain or show me how to build up a simple score counter or credit counter function in the hud because you have to bind it into the Hud with a function that you have to build the function from scratch with maths logic and if you are no good at maths, you can’t so easily build it…