Where is the support??

I have been locked out of my UE4 account for more then 2 weeks now…

After multiple attempts to contact support, I still not able to login…

I have received this mail like 10 times now:

*If you are unable to login to your Epic Games account, please follow the steps below:

Reset Your Password. This will clear the lock on your account as well as update your password. It is recommended that you use a unique password that you do not share with any other service or account.
Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by following the instructions provided in the link below*

I have tried changing password multipe times now and removed 2FA…

I have spammed every department in the support ticket system… And still no help… What to do now… Get a refund on all my market purchases??

Still locked out… I just get spammed with the same useless mail…

HELLO can I get some support!!!

I have posted this on to our community manager, hopefully you will get some feedback.

Just a little piece of advice, I know you are frustrated but making slanderous accusations against Epic might not be the best way to interact with Epic or ask for help.

I have same experience. But i found this: if you try “i am unable to login to account”, there is only automatic respond with creating and closing your ticket. And its send from support email without ticket number.

If he sent 10 emails and did not get the answers, it’s a fact, that he was unable to contact support, not an “slanderous accusations against Epic”. :wink:

btw: and from my point of view it will be highly unprofessional providing support based on personal feelings.

@N_ck-cz — You did not see the original post when the OP stated the following: “Epic perhaps you should spend less time on ripping your own customers games and actually support your software???” … so please don’t get involved or make statements about something you are unaware of. That is what I was referring to about slanderous accusations … the OP then edited their original post and I would have left it at that, but now you are questioning my statement and so I have to retrieve the comment from history.

I have forwarded the request on to our community manager and they will start looking in to the issue. Thanks.

About change in his topic… i think you can use quotation marks next time to make it clearer for everyone. Thanks.