Where is the source code on Github?

Guys, I’ve tried to download source code of ue4 from github but after following steps from here:

I ended up here:

The point is that I cannot see any links there (on github) so I really don’t know where to download the source code from.
Any help really appreciated.
Thank you.

Have you followed all of the instructions here?

Yes, and when I go to github I’m ending up with the screenshot I’ve provided in OP.

It looks like your account is not associated properly. Can you try clearing it in your account settings, saving, and then adding it again?

Your are subscribed, corect?

“Your are subscribed, corect?”

I’m not sure, could you please tell me how can I subscribe?

Thank you.

You have to type-in your credit card information on your account page:
Shall be this url: Epic Games

hi, thanks, I actually did subscribe. I thought that I’m being asked if I subscribed inside github. Anyway, the problem is solved. The step necessary to actually have access to this source code is to enter your nickname in dashboard/account from epic’s side and it works.
Thank you all for your time.

the web page give tme this error:
404_not found _page
can someone give out the source code on a web page so we can get it?

Hi ,

This post is from very early on in the engine’s lifecycle. Can you make a new post in the install and setup section of the answerhub so we can better assist you? Thanks!