Where is the "Settings" toolbar combo button created?

Hi everyone,

I am currently creating a plugin for UE4, and whilst we have a majority of what we want working, we have neglected the UI.

As such I am working with Slate UI at the moment, and I must say I’m impressed at the flexibility. I am currently trying to create a combo button (such as the settings button in the toolbar) that drops down to show a menu.

Does anyone know which .cpp the settings combo button is implemented in, in the source so that I can use it for reference.


That’s created in SToolBarComboButtonBlock.cpp, and is just using the generic SComboButton Slate widget.

For future reference, the Widget Reflector allows you to pick any widget in the UI and find where it was created from (Window → Developer Tools → Widget Reflector - you can also open this in-game by using “WidgetReflector” in the console).

Fantastic, Cheers Jamie.

I was aware of the Widget Reflector but wasn’t aware of the full extent of its functionality.

Thanks for the swift reply too!