where is the setting ' Use Legacy Unwrap algorithm' in version 1.2?


i’m comeback to RC from other tool.

new 1.2 RC is good to use.  working going on, i export obj file

and then, edited obj file import  RC to retexturing.

but, i can’t find the setting option  ‘Use Legacy Unwrap algorithm’ in new version RC

please help me.

Hi mbh,

there is no more this option in settings. You can use just regular Unwrap under Mesh model tab/Mesh Color & Texture/Unwrap

thanks for answer

you mean, ‘Use Legacy Unwrap algorithm’  method is no more possible in RC ?


Yes, it is no more possible in RC

oh… i see.

then, i have 2 question.

  1. may i download RC 1.0 version and license register that version.

  2. can i RC 1.2 version project to move to RC 1.0

thank for help.

It is not possible download 1.0 version. The latest usable build is, which you can download here: https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020519640-Version-1-1-1-15122-Blaze-Release

It is not possible to open project created in newest build in the older one.

ok. thanks for help anyway…