Where is the Node Manager

There are sooooooooooo many nodes in UE4 that I wonder where the Node Manager is. UE4 needs a utility largely for educative and informative purposes to show nodes, usage, and maybe reveal combos(combos are just theoretically successful sequences of nodes), and reveal those hidden nodes that only show up under certain conditions. When I do something I want the system to tell me that new option have become available because of what I did.

There are soooo many nodes, and hidden ones also. UE4 needs some tools to investigate them better, a node scoreboard of some sort.

Also UE4 needs Windows Stop Recorder system built into it, so that tutorials can be created from it and loaded directly into the system by the user, and the user can then follow along, seeing queues generated by the program that where created by the teacher.

The tutorial system needs to be built into UE4 so a test can be run every patch update to check the tutorial for any breaks, that the teacher can then fix, more easily. Its just a macro really.

Nodes have some data about them, what a node douse should be in the UE4 documentation. It can be hard wanting to create nodes that only work in some Blueprints. I you do any tutorials on UE4, it is up to you to understand them and fix errors.

You might be looking for the Pallet Screenshot - dba51694459a0de2dda8052e664c13f4 - Gyazo
This can be found in the windows Tab.

Some node’s are functions which can be opened to further investigate what is going on Screenshot - 15ecf591672ca021d7914440d511a7d3 - Gyazo

Previewing nodes along a block can help better visualise what is happening Screenshot - 9c65662401f7c095ba9acdd906b92282 - Gyazo
You can see how that power node is sharpening up the results of the multiplication, I actually don’t know what that node actually does, but I have an idea of what it does just from previewing.

If you hover your mouse over a node and press ctrl+alt it will give you a more detailed explanation of the nodes function Screenshot - 6d8349201a30dcb5d17811be7400eeac - Gyazo
And from that info alone I can tell you that I shouldn’t really be a programmer and just stick to content creation :smiley:



(1) finish the functionality of Tutorial system that is already in UE4 so people could create great content with it and use it, So people can follow those invisible chain of actions.

(2) add relevant examples within Tooltips that are maintained by a compiler so they stay functional (that isolate the question, ‘what does it do?’, and are easier to maintain.)

(3) program in a splash (that is saved in a window that I can access in ‘Windows’) that tell me when new options have become available, So I know they are their.

Thanks for the Tutorials that do exist they are helpful and critical to understanding, but need to be fleshed out into a fully featured project, in my opinion…

I completely agree, I’ll be watching a tutorial one day and see a node used in a way I’ve never seen before, for example, creating separate layer blends for your paint layers instead of having them all in one node so grass wont spawn on said layers certain layers
In the documentation there is no hint to this even being remotely possible.
I’m actually still running around like a headless chicken with just this node because I can’t work out what’s going on and neither did the person who informed me of this use case…

Look I get it Epic, you expect programmers to make games with your engine, not people like me who would like to learn to use the engine but doesn’t have the time to take up programming in full. Was the idea of the blueprint system designed with content creator such as myself who don’t nesseserily come from a programming background?

But I also understand that you guy’s can have up to 3 games being developed by your team at any one time and also contributing to an engine and documentation, but I feel like I’ve spent the past 4 months, back tracking, trying to guess and reverse engineer almost every node used to see what the [REDACTED] is actually going on.

But, I’ll persist, survival of the fittest and all…

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