Where is the live link plug in for motion builder for 4.19?

I’ve been able to connect UE4 and Maya with Live Link using this guide:

In the 4.19 release and according to the Live Link Plugin document page there should be a plugin for MotionBuilder:

But I can’t find the plugin for MotionBuilder. Has anyone been able to find this? I assumed it would be in the extras folder with the maya live link plugin.

Any help is much appreciated!

Very curious about this as well, although I don’t even have a MayaLiveLink folder in Engine\Extras, so I can’t get either to work.

Really want to know too!

it says from the doc

  1. inside the plugins
  2. under anim ->enable
  3. nav to the engine istall location and Engine\Extras\MayaLiveLink
  4. Unzip it (would recommend doing it to another folder)
  5. Copy to your version of maya, the install folder, and put it in the plugins folder (if you have maya open will need to turn if off for it to detect the plugin)
  6. enable the plugin in maya
  7. to do so, in maya
  8. windows(from the top bar)
  9. settings/preferences
  10. plugin manager
  11. and find the live like plugin in there,
  12. if you don’t see it you will need to browse for it, as it don’t always auto detect it
  13. then after that, hit auto-load and loaded (as if it don’t autoload the next time, might have to do it once or twice, which is a maya thing)
  14. You will see it kick in at the mel scrip console line.
  15. then in UE4 ->menu bar-> window->live link
  16. add → message bus source -? maya live link
  17. and the live link on maya should turn green
  18. Now your playing with fire.

well they talk about it here being (as from the doc), download and in the engine files some where.

more on the live link.

They have not released LiveLink for MoBu yet, in livestream they said it’s ready and would be available soon.

Ok thanks for the information. I hope they will release it soon as said earlier.

any update on the motionBuilder Plug-in really wanting to test live Mobo->UE4 mocap streaming?

MotionBuilder Live Link


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