where is the link for fbx?

Hi I’m new to this and cant find the download link to the fbx mention in the video tutorial for 3rd person game.

Can you be more specific on which tutorial? All the unreal tutorials use assets that come with the engine. Ie the mannequin is preloaded in the 3rd person template when you start a new project.

sorry for the late replay was at work but this is the video tutorial

Ahh ok I just gave it a quick look through. A couple options for you. If you goto where this video is hosted on YouTube the link should be in the description section. Also those assets are found in the third person template. You can chose that when starting a new project and still follow the tutorial. The fbx files will be under the mannequin folder. And in the video he gives the web address to where it is on the wiki. I believe he said it was wiki.unrealengine./File:ThirdPerson_fbx.zip. I just checked the link and it didn’t work so probably your best bet will be to use the third person template.

okay so i could just import the third person template into the blank one and it would be the same thing as the video cool thanks a bunch. EyeDee u mind if i follow u and if i need anything else could it be possible to ask u for more help in the future?

You could either start project with third person template or to stay true with the video series you could open a project with third person template and migrate the mannequin with his animations over to your project. To do this open the template and find the mannequin folder under the content folder. Right click on the fbx and goto asset actions. Select migrate. It will open an explorer window. Navigate to your blank project and be sure to drill down to the content folder of that project to migrate or else it won’t work. It’ll even pop up an error telling you to put it in the content folder if you try to put it anywhere else.
I will certainly help you where I can. Ask away, my pleasure to help. I am humble to admit I ask questions too. The game dev process is complex. I started in modeling and animation 10 years ago and have added other skills as I go. Try to do the same and you will be able to make the game you dream of. Best wishes my friend.

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heres the link to the files taken from the youtube video comment:


  • You can start a blank project (either Blueprint or C++) and with or without Starter Content.
  • From the Content Browser, press Add/Import button and select Add Feature Or Content Pack.
  • A new dialog window brings up, select Blueprint Feature tab, and choose Third Person.
  • Done! Now you have ThirdPerson character.
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u can download the file here