Where is the editor command line input box?

The documentation states that console commands can be run in the editor: “To use the editor console commands, type them into the editor command line input box”.

Where is this box?

Press the tilde key … the squiggly line to the left of the “1” on most keyboards.

Did not work for me. That opens the console in-game. I tried it in the editor and nothing happened.

@Coldscooter I see a box in the lower left corner of my editor window. I can type stuff in there, but I don’t know what it does. Is that the “editor command line input box”?

@Nathaniel3W I tried that box at bottom left and nothing happened.

Weird. It’s working here. I’m 99% sure that’s the way, but I might be wrong. Did you try to type a command in the window?

Dude, are you pressing ~ in-game? Or in the editor? We all know how to access the console while the game is open. @Coldscooter is trying to access the console inside the editor.

@PaulBellow also, are you using UDK/UE3? I can’t say how to open the console in the UE4 editor and your number of posts makes me think you haven’t been around long enough to still be finishing a UE3 project.

Just tried the tilde in editor and it works there too. See the command line on the bottom of the screenshot below…

I downloaded UE4 back in August and only have about 1,000 hours under my belt, so yeah, I’m new…dude. :wink:

You can also open your OUTPUT LOG to see the results of the command line stuff… good luck!

Also, if you open OUTPUT LOG in the editor, there’s another command line input you can use.

@PaulBellow You are using UE4, we are talking about UDK.

@PaulBellow welcome to the Unreal Engine Forums and thanks for trying to help. This forum is for discussing legacy tools such as the discontinued Unreal Development Kit (UDK) and the Unreal Engine 3 it was based on. Please remember to check which forum you are posting in. Solutions in UE4 are almost never applicable to UDK or UE3. Thanks. And good luck with your video game development.

Oh, no! I’m an idiot. Now his other post makes more sense. Heh. Sorry about that… I usually search by New Posts and try to be helpful where I can, but I wasn’t paying attention to the sub-forum.

I gracefully bow out…

@PaulBellow No problem, thanks for your input regardless. Many technical solutions and techniques are applicable in both engines, so please feel free to chirp-in in the future :slight_smile: