Where is the Delay node?

Can any Blueprint experts tell me what happened to the Delay node?

There is Task Wait Delay in the Event Graph but I need to delay the start of my Construction Script.

Is this possible?

I haven’t read all this, but I will tell you, you can’t have a delay in a function. Is that the answer?..

If you need delay in construction script, you are doing something very wrong, and it likely should either all be in event play, or split up between the 2.

You cannot have a Delay node in the construction script. You can move your code to a function and then on Event Begin Play use a Delay and then call the function.

Hope this helps!

put delay node to be the first node after the construction script, if this is not possible make the first node event trigger, then from events make the delay then make another event leading back to construction script

whatever you want to use after a delay, simply select and cut and paste in the event graph, add a custom event before them with a delay you wanted to use. then call that custom event in the function

i think the only way to have delay node in construction script is if you disable context sensitivy when u search for a node, be careful when you use delay node because game engine dont care about this timing and its always wrong depending on latency

construction scrypt > delay node > other things