Where is the Delay node?

Where is the Delay node?
I can find Set Delay but no Delay as in this graph.


You can’t use Delay in functions, only event graphs. That may be why you cannot find it.

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This is a macro and the delay is the node with the word delay :dark_sunglasses:

I understand that is a macro, but if the OP is unable to find the Delay node, he is most likely trying to use it in a function.

The macro is just an example.

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Possibly deprecated in 4.27?

Using Task Wait Delay.
Not sure what to use for Task Owner. Error saying it must have a connection.

Do this directly in the LB. Is the node there?

Not everything supports latent actions - functions don’t. Blueprints are context sensitive - not all nodes are available everywhere. This prevents you from performing actions that make little sense in that particular situation.

E.g., you can’t get the Player Controller in drag OP:


Perhaps consider sharing what you’re trying to accomplish. Which Delay node are you after in the end?

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Macro needs to be of “Actor” class to get delay node.