Where is the "defaultspritematerial"

i cant find it anywhere in the engine or the content section. judging form the tutorial video, its suppose to be there

Hi Nick -

If you are referring to the Default SPrite Material used in a Particle System, it can be found as Material’/Engine/EngineMaterials/DefaultParticle.DefaultParticle’

If however, you are referring to the Default Sprite Material for Paper2D, you will need to enable Paper2D assets via the View Options >> Show Plugin Content and it can then be found as Material’/Paper2D/DefaultLitSpriteMaterial.DefaultLitSpriteMaterial’

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

where is the view options? sorry im new to game programming. i just started out

In the content browser, you’ll find an eyeball icon that says “View Options” click that and you will get a context menu with the options.