Where is the COnan Exile modding forum?

Just wondering?
Where is the Conan Exile modding forum?

Why is the download so big 65 gigs lol

Came to this post looking for what is being asked about. Any word from Epic on if and when there’ll be a forum for this game?

Also, Ssnoop, I’m currently downloading it, and if I remain correct it’s due to it containing all of (if not most of) the original assets for the game. That’s why most dev kits are so big, at least for the most part.

I would like to see this as well, but for the time being, I would go to the Conan Workshop on Steam and use those modding forums for now.

Hello everyone,

At the moment, we don’t have any plans to host a Conan Exiles Dev Kit forum section here, but please visit http://help.funcom.com/ for any assistance you need with this product.

Have a nice day!

How exactly does it work with these mod kits . Do you get the full game source or are these special development editors just cleverly designed so they only give you access and exposed to bits they want you to access . Like for instance as the game is multiplayer can you see how they have structured the networking etc because let’s say you made a mod how would you know wether it’s going to replicate properly and work in the multiplayer environment, the game must be database driven somehow because of all the items so let’s say you add a new item to the game how do you make sure it’s registered into the game database etc as I doubt they give you access to their database do they ??.

I’m only asking from a learning perspective as it would be a great way to learn if you get to see how a actual published game is put together

Also if anyone is putting together a Conan mod team and wants an extra developer then hit me up thanks

I was under the impression that anything that is deployed by the Epic Games launcher, had to have a support forum on the Epic forums.

I wonder why they wont be adding a Conan Mod Support section.

Mister Gizmo, What said doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to add one, but that they’re busy working on other things and don’t have plans to. Big difference between no plans, and not going to do it. :slight_smile:

I think the reason is that the forum is designed for young adult too (12+) and Conan is semi-adult (18) content.