Where is the code that applies positional tracking

On my latest prototype, i found positional tracking doing odd things that i had to modify(if the player was turned 180 degrees, leaning forward moved the camera “back”, so i need to control positional tracking myself, but i havent found where to modify it in the code. Ive found where the rotation is set for the camera, so that part is right, but not the location.

Hi, I know this is an old post, but the reason for what is happening in your case is because when moving around, the base orientation of the HMD is not changed, so turning 180 will do that result. What I did personnaly (since I wanted to, to have more control over this) is to add a SetBaseOrientation function in the HMD Interface class so that I was able to reset base orientation of the HMD when turning around.

This solved the issue for me…