Where is the code for the demonstrations in the Live Stream?

So, there was a live stream on python scripting of the editor a week or so back. But I can’t for the life of me find any reference to the code that they demo’d on stream? Anyone got a link to where that might be?

I was under the impression that the Python thing was going to actually have documentation, but it seems not (no, automatically capturing the function signatures from the source isn’t “documentation”).

I wanted to have a look at playing with the Sequencer api in python. But I see nothing useful documentation wise to understand what the code needs to do in that regard. I was hoping to see the example from the livestream at least.

They used to post them here
or in the event page. You might be better of tweeting VictorLerp

I’ve uploaded the demo code for my part here.

I believe some of the stuff that Aaron showed was from internal code and demos, though I’ll check with him whether any of it was specific for the stream and could be released.