Where is the "Close Editor when Playback starts" option in Matinee (4.10)?

I am looking for the “Close the Editor when Playback starts” option in the Matinee Editor in 4.10. In 4.9 the option was there…

I cannot render my animation without the possibility to close the editor during the rendering. Otherwise the Video Ram of my Graphics Card is not sufficient.

How can I activate this option again?

Best regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

This option was removed with 4.10 when some of the changes for the introduction of Sequencer that uses the same code.

This was entered originally with ticket UE- 21932 and determined to that it should be part of the design. We’re going to make a case to see if we can get this put back in since it is not invasive and does not require extensive changes, but I cannot guarantee that that will happen.

As far as functionality, when you’re rendering your movie or image sequence out you can close the editor manually and this will still allow the movie/image sequence to render as it always has. This should resolve the immediate issue that you’re having here.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,
thank you very much for your answer. It would be really helpfull, if this option would find their way back in the Matinee editor.

Best regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Just wanted to note that I pushed back on UE-21932 and this feature has been added back to the new render settings. It won’t make it into 4.11, but will be in a future release.