Where is the box brush (after upgrading ver to 4.5)

Hello there,
I’m a new user, and I’m trying to follow instructions via the video tutorial in UE4 youtube channel, I’m in intro to UE4 level creation - 2 - Geometry Layout.
Now, before the new patch, I used to find it right where the video shows … but now, I have no idea where to find the box brush type so I can layout the floor and walls with it! what has changed? where can I find it? thanks.

All I can see now is under Modes -> Place (Shift+1) -> is : Recently Placed, Basic and Lights. :frowning: The geometry option has gone.

It’s in the BSP mode.

I dont see any “BSP mode” and I dont know what this is :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi MadMarv,

You’ll find the BSP mode in the same tab in the top left as it was before with Geometry. The only difference here is that we’ve gone back to what Geometry was known as in UE3/UDK.

BSP: Binary Space Partitioning

You can find the option here in the image below:


Thank you!


Well, silly me … I just had to extend the modes window to see all the rest … although I tried to mouse scroll down.