Where is the blank project player pawn? (Beginner Question)

Hi, you can change default pawn for spawn in the GameMode.

For this click in the content browser , then → BlueprintClass ->GameModeBase.

Now in the project settings you can change the GameMode on you’r own.

If you need default pawn : click in the content browser , then → BlueprintClass → in the search field enter “defaultPawn” → Select “DefaultPawn”;
What template are you using ?

I created a blank project, In that project if I press play I can move arround using the WASD keys and mouse. I want to edit this player pawn taht is allowing me to move arround in the default map but I cant find a way to locate it in the project. In the hierarchy it is listed as a player start, but there is no place which I can locate where things like collision, player speed etc are defined.

Im using a blank template.

I advise you to use Character instead a pawn…Look at first person template.

A ‘blank’ project has no default player character or pawn. Although there is a world and some lighting and a simple floor as I recall there is no functionality. You are simply moving a camera around unattached to any particular actor/character/pawn. If you are just getting started these tutorial may be helpful to you for understanding the basics of creating gameplay elements using UE4.

You also may want to start with the first or third person template as this will give you the bare bones from which to begin experimenting and learning other aspects of the engine.