Where is the best place to connect with non-western developers?

I can foresee innovation in the politically correct countries to become heavily stifled. The censorship has now become law in the House of Representatives in the US, where it’s now banned to use the words “father, mother, sister, brother, woman and man.” It isn’t attractive anymore to create any content if you end up having your business destroyed over night with brand new laws and outrage because your main character is driving a red or blue car, which can be seen as gender attacks. They seem to be against the family and God, to core values of mine.

This is just the beginning of extreme ridiculous censorship and if they have time for this dialogue, they are totally out of line with the problems of today. A Government that eats cake when the people are starving is bound to make a lot of disastrous mistakes. This is becoming the trend all over the West, because they don’t have FOCUS on their main job, especially during a pandemic.

What I typically experience when interacting with people from Non-Western nations is a great desire for financial success, happiness, open mindedness, courage and serious work ethics. It’s the opposite in the West, endless success envy and dream killing.

If you are offended by this post, I wish you the best in life. If you love this, let’s hook up.

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Man of family and god…writes drivelling racist post with mass sweeping generalisations whilst screaming death to the west.

Great core values, what a guy, you’ve really shown the west how to behave from your pedastel of purity and godliness there.

The reply above is exactly the type of intellectual laziness that makes many people unemployable over here in the west. This desperate need to try and force other people into agreement by accusing them of whatever can be twisted out of context is a clear sign of a mind that will not last when things get tough.

This envy is a byproduct of our educational systems and culture. Aiming for success in life is typically seen as being a bad human being.

Sounds like someone’s drank too much of the cancel culture kool-aid with a steady diet of Fox/Briebart/Qanon/Newsmax. Also to answer the question ~ try a non-western community site (just a thought)

Thank you for that last part of your reply. If I was involved in political debates on that side, I would definitely not be aiming to setup a business that would prioritise profits far away from these places. I simply miss working with inspired people on exciting projects and that tends to be the case in very diverse international communities.

Intellectual laziness is thinking that everyone who is western is the same person and thinks the same.

The post is about censorship leading to unpredictable regulation and cancel culture activities in regards to content creation. Imagine working on something for 3 years and then have to go back and redo a lot of the work because three words have now become banned on the AppStore. That’s my whole point, the environment changes so fast and never with any heads up, that it makes it a bad choice for long term investing of time and money. It’s easier with China for example, they have clear guidelines about unaccepted stuff, such as blood in video games and whom you can/should criticise publicly and whom not.

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