Where is the Beginners Forum?

Where would you suggest questions from beginners be posted? How about a UE Learning Forum? I’ve asked a couple of questions in Work In Progress with zero responses. Maybe a learning forum would be good, or maybe someone can direct me to another online forum where there is interest in fielding novice questions? Thanks!

To clarify not angery, just looking for a good place to have this kind of a discussion.

This entire thing is the “beginner forum”. Whatever question you have, be it as a beginner or veteran, you post it, tag it with a fitting category, and hope someone replies.

The reason why you don’t get answers to your questions is probably because you’re posting in the wrong category. Work in Progress is for showing off your work to others, not for asking newbie questions, as explained in the very first sticky post in that category.

I just ran down the forum list and there is virtually nothing focused on novices learning UE from the beginning stages. My opinion is that something like a getting started forum would be a good, easy to find location to expect to be fielding the most basic of UE questions. Next time a I’ll try the Content Creation section as I am learning how to create content.

This is a very valid concern. I had the same issues in the beginning.

Reddit can be helpful, but, what often helps most, is to join the Discord servers for YouTube tutorial creators. The people who make the tutorials may not always have the time, or be online in Discord, but their community members might.

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Yeah, it’s an easily encountered void in the forums. I’m still beginner, and I usually post in Rendering or Content Creation or simply look around in those categories plus do searches to see if the question was answered yet. The thing is, it might be answered, but not with a solution that applies to your problem in particular, even if it’s the mostly the exact same problem. Go through some of the online courses on the Unreal web site to learn some basics, and look up information in the doc pages. Those don’t contain everything, even at beginner level sometimes, but there’s a ton of important topics and concepts covered, including how certain things function. You could also send me a message in the forum and I’ll see if I can help. Everyone is at different levels of learning and understanding in the engine, so it’s not only the experts and veterans who can answer beginner questions and help in solving problems.

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Thanks for the replies! I’ve completed the First Hour In UE Tutorial which is good, and have just about finished the Intro to UE Tutorial which throws a ton of info at you which is great, but where it really comes up short is after having 3 sections devoted to materials, and not including a working project where after you have made a material you can actually see how it functions in a project.

To the people who manage this forum, after six months here snooping around and occasionally posting questions, you desperately need a beginner’s forum and you need a commitment from some of your users to entertain beginner questions.

This forum should be The Place especially for UE beginners to find answers to their UE questions, but my experience is that I can not post a question here and expect a timely answer. My last question about Landscape Layers, 37 people looked at it overnight and not one answer. Maybe I don’t know how to ask questions, or maybe average partiicipants don’t feel they have the time to answer what could be a stupid question. I’m starting to look for other places to engage people on how to get a handle on UE. If you are a beginner, for myself it feels like I’m mostly on my own. Whatever…

Since you removed that landscape question, it’s hard for us to judge how easy it would have been to answer, and I understand your frustration not getting the help you’d like. But have you considered the possibility that your question might have been answered in the past and instead of asking anew, you might need to become better at searching for existing threads?

Like I said, no idea what your actual question was, but I would not spend time answering a question that I know for a fact has been asked and answered dozens of times before.

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I do check in the forum for previously asked messages/topics. I answered my question by reviewing some of the tutorials I’ve taken here at Epic. I have 2 points.
One, there should be a Beginner forum, so it’s easy for beginners to have a place to ask questions, know where they can look to find already asked beginner questions, and those people who like answering beginner questions can easily find them.
Secondly this is the official Unreal Engine forums, and there should be swarms of people who want to help people out, and my experience there are just not that many who engage when it comes to newb questions. (Yes there are a few). And even if it is a question that has been asked before, if it’s easy to answer why not?

Now I’m about to possibly embarrass myself. :smiling_face: Has the Getting Started forum always been there and is it designed to field Beginner questions?

We went through a forum restructure with some additional categories- so don’t worry; it’s only been there a few months! :smiley:

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