Where is the "Additional Engrams Array"?

ARK Dev Kit Changes:

  • Mods can now add engrams and items without having to override the Master Item List or the Engram List – they can simply Add Engrams using the “Additional Engrams” array, can also remap existing Engrams to new classes using the “Remap Engrams” array, and items don’t have to be in the Master Item List to be used anymore – if they’re referenced, they just will naturally get used (and consequently, existing saved items in people’s save files will not get messed up anymore!)
  • Mods that change the player class now still get armor attached properly

It’s possible I’m blind, but I cannot find this magical new “Additional Engrams” array the patch notes refer to.

Can anyone point me toward this?

My Dev Kit is v185.6, and I don’t see anything newer available.

185.6 Is the latest and greatest as far as Dev Kits go(until they release the next dev kit).

And I just read that as well, but I don’t remember seeing any array along those lines. So it does baffle me. If you find it, I would like to know where it is. If I find it, I’ll give you a heads up on where it’s located.

We are currently in version 186.2 (in the main game) so there has not yet been an update to the DevKit

I hope at some point in the very near future, the Dev Kit comes out before or at least with, new patches.

How are we going to develop for the future, if the future arrives before the past. That made sense in my head hehe.

Yea, i got it. Lol… as of right now, I wouldn’t recommend putting any mods on a dedicated server, most people auto-update their game and won’t even be able to join your server if it is behind a version. This gets truly annoying, but it’s still early access, so no worries.

I have my deathfind mod running on my server and the updated it (main server running 186.2) was able to join and play fine. I’d assume certain mods make people unable to join.

They likely won’t crash, but I bet they wont have access to the new items implemented by the game update.

If I understand the details they gave about the 186 Dev Kit, a mod that only affects core game data should be able to load into a new version of the game. This of course will depend entirely on how well you architect it to do so. I’m just pointing out it should absolutely be possible, and relieve this current pain point.

Now if they go and change the Dev Kit in some fundamental way, which I assume will happen frequently, that could break things.

Yea, they can join, they just won’t have any of the newer content because your game mode does not include it in the master item list.

Aka. modding is basically dead in the water apart from learning exercises until the kit is updated. If there are new items, people will want to use them and try them out.