Where is the access to the "Advanced" Linear Limits settings at runtime, for physics constraint actor/components?

I’m trying to create physics constraint actor objects at runtime, and control things like the springiness of the constraint. However, there appear to be no functions nor variables accessible to change the advanced Linear Limits settings, such as Soft Constraint, Stiffness, and Restitution. I have found some very old dead threads on this, so I’m making my own post. Is there a reason these aren’t there? I’ve only used Blueprints, but is there a way to access these if you use C++? Thanks.

You need to go through the Physics Asset. Create a Physics Asset for your character, create shapes for the bones you want to control and then you can constrain them one to another. After you created a constraint, you can see in it’s details that it has the settings you are looking for.

I hope this helps. You can look for “setting up phyiscs constrains in PhAt” there are a few nice tutorials on youtube.