Where is teh sketchfab browser plugin for ue 5.. how can i bring sketchfab models

how to bring sketchfab models inside ue 5
i cant find ue 5 sketchfab plugin…

its weird, cus when i go on the github of sketchfab to eu, i can find pictures of ue5, they talk about ue5 but theres no link nowhere, if u found out tell me what u did.

Looks like it’s here


When I tried to install it is showing this kinda error.

I believe the plugin is only suitable for Unreal Engine 5 Early Access. I’m guessing you are using a later version. See the github README

Hmm,then how can I solve it now?


as said by @Xenoxothedouble, at the moment Sketchfab only provides the binaries for 5.0 EA. This plugin should be considered deprecated.

Sketchfab will provide a newer version but there is no ETA on it yet.

In the mean time you can still download glTF manually from Sketchfab and import them with Datasmith glTF importer plugin.

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