Where is PPV?

I am working with a camera in UE4 and I can’t get the background to blur out. I did it before and it was much easier but I’m seeing multiple answers saying to check the PPV. Where is that? I assume this is Post Processing Volume? How do I access and change it to manual for the camera? I can’t find any documentation on what PPV is and how to get to it. Thank you.

Thank you so much! I had tried this too but the depth of field and all those options you have screenshot are grayed out and when I checkbox them, they don’t activate the effects. Is there a way to access PPV?

Post Process Volume can be created from here:


In Details panel search for Depth of Field.

Hope this helps~ :slight_smile:

When you turn on check box near Method it doesn’t light up?

It does not show up

You need to check the unbound box on the PPV Setting or make it large enought that your camera is inside of the volume to see its effects

The method you have selected in your last image does not work with the setting you have adjusted, you have to make sure you put the Scale value to more then 0, and use the Focal Region and Focal Distance values to control where the main focus lies and how big the focus region is.

Here are 2 quick examples.

Far Blur: Screenshot - 148d673cc6a8a8ccd427c17bc003cfca - Gyazo

Near Blur: Screenshot - b3458a900a91d5d19e191860c5f2e983 - Gyazo

*Note these values are quite extreme due to the distances in our game, you should be able to achieve the same results with smaller distance values.