Where is playercontroller location exactly?

On actor location or camera location

I don’t really think that it has the location :slight_smile: well you can try to get player controller > get location> print string it :smiley:
Better tell me why are you asking this, and i will try to help you :slight_smile:

I am working on a strategy game and i want to set viewdistancescale and other stuff with the location of my player and not with my playercamera

I double checked ad GetActorLocation is not overridden, so it will try to return location of root component of PlayerController. By looking on code, if bAttachToPawn is true (which in blueprint should be “Attach To Pawn” if it’s exposed) Controller (not just playercontroller all controllers) root component will attached it self to possessed pawn root component, so it will return possessed pawn root component location, so in other word standard actor location. Here is the code: