Where is my decal?

Hi there,

this is my first attempt to put some graphics on a wall, using a decal. The picture shows how I failed. On the right, there is the correct display of the material in the properties Panel, but the picture does not appear on the wall. Where did I go wrong?

Your rotation is wrong. See that purple arrow? It’s where the decal is facing. Turn that so that the purple arrow faces the wall.

Won’t work. See the Z rotation value? Though I rotated the actor 90 degrees, the red arrow still shows to where it did. All that rotates are the yellow actor outlines. I also tried rotating the other axes, but the arrow stays unchanged and the texture does not display. Any ideas?

Have you tried default decal material? Does it work?

Do you have only baked static lighting here, or dynamic too? Decals without DBuffer enabled tend to disappear in static light :wink:

You could try make a blueprint and basing it as a Decal, that might fix your rotation problem.

What do you mean by default? This is the material:

I tried everything in the above video tutorial, but still the decal does not appear. What’s more, I do not think the decal displays along the red arrow and has to be rotated, it rather adapts to the surface. Look at this screenshot from the tutorial - the decal displays along the blue arrow:


I’m quite perplexed now. Any more ideas?

Okay, guys, I solved this one. It was actually a misunderstanding. Zarkopafilis talked about the purple decal orientation arrow. As it looks rather blue on my computer, I confused it with the red world orientation arrow (x-axis). The decal displays perfectly now. Thanks for your help, anyway !